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Meeting Your Indoor Air Quality Needs in Braselton, GA, and Nearby Areas

Indoor air pollution remains a significant issue. As you will want to make sure that your home is clean, safe, and a comfortable place, be sure to rely on your local professionals to meet your indoor air quality needs. At Clark's Heating and Air, we are ready to provide solutions to improve your indoor air quality in Braselton, GA, and nearby areas. We have been the trusted HVAC contractor in Braselton, GA, and the surrounding areas since 2013.

All our team members have over 15 years of experience in the HVAC industry. We specialize in various services that enhance your indoor comfort, including air conditioning installation and heating repair. We also address indoor air quality issues in:

What is Indoor Air Quality?

The EPA estimates that the average American spends about 87% indoors. That means it is imperative that you pay attention to your IAQ, which refers to the cleanliness of air within your home. If the air inside is not as clean and safe as it should be, you may develop respiratory issues, allergy reactions, and other health-related conditions. You will need the expertise of our team here at Clark’s Heating and Air to help you avoid a wide range of indoor air quality problems, from increased dust accumulation and respiratory issues.

How We Can Help

Let Clark’s Heating and Air help you improve the air quality inside of your home. We provide a range of products that suit your unique needs and fit within your budget. Our air purifiers and air cleaners are designed to alleviate your concerns with your home’s IAQ. Here is a quick look at what we offer:

Air Purifiers

Clear the air literally to get relief from symptoms that those with asthma and allergy experience while offering a cleaner and safer indoor air for your family. This is possible thanks to our range of air purifiers. Place it in one of the most commonly used areas of your house and gain improved indoor air quality. We provide:

✔ UV Lights - These purify the air by eliminating organic contaminants, such as mold, bacteria, mildew, fungus, and viruses. These are quite helpful in HVAC ducts and handlers as they pass through the HVAC system.

UV Lights
APCO Air Treatment Systems

✔ APCO - Our APCO air treatment systems purify the air as it circulates through the HVAC system.

Air Cleaners

Although air cleaners are typically not designed to eliminate gaseous pollutants, they come in different types and sizes. These range from sophisticated whole-house systems to relatively affordable table-top models. They can also be effective in removing particles. Our top options include:

✔ Healthy Climate HEPA Air Filtration System - Having a HEPA filter unit allows you to eliminate about 99.7% of hazardous airborne particles, dust, mold spores, and pollen. This can help in minimizing irritation felt by asthmatic and allergic individuals while providing purer and safer air in your home.

Healthy Climate HEPA Air Filtration System
Healthy Climate Air Cleaner Filter Rack with MERV 16 or MERV 11 5" Filter

✔ Healthy Climate Air Cleaner Filter Rack with MERV 16 or MERV 11 5" Filter - These filters are constructed with thick hypoallergenic and antimicrobial materials, providing additional filtration and protection thinner filters cannot offer.

✔ Healthy Climate PureAir - Healthy Climate PureAir systems eliminate chemical vapors and household smells from sources like cooking appliances, cleaning products, and pets.

Healthy Climate PureAir

Common Issues Involving IAQ

Dust, mildew, mold, allergens, pet dander, respiratory irritants, and bacteria are some of the things that affect your indoor air quality. The most common indoor air quality issues include mildew and mold growth, clogged and dirty filters, poor ventilation and air circulation, and high humidity levels. Some of the red flags that show you have IAQ issues, which will require professional attention from our team, include:

  • Headaches and fatigue
  • Dry eyes and mouth
  • Coughing and wheezing
  • Increased sensitivity to allergy triggers
  • Unpleasant household odors that linger
  • Shortness of breath and other breathing difficulties

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