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 air conditioning repair in Jefferson, GA

As a homeowner, you always want your HVAC system to run normally and efficiently. Unfortunately, things can break down, which is why you need air conditioning repair in Jefferson, GA from Clark’s Heating and Air. It’s important to know how homeowners end up damaging their own air conditioning units so you can prevent it from happening to you. We discuss these below:

Lack of Proper Maintenance

Air conditioning maintenance is essential to keeping your unit in the best condition possible. If you neglect performing routine maintenance, your system can run into problems over time. Components can become worn out and you can throw precious money away on higher energy bills as the entire unit stops working efficiently.

To prevent damaging your AC, it’s wise to schedule maintenance with a professional technician at least once per year. The technician can also perform essential air conditioning services to ensure that your unit doesn’t have any serious issues.

Choosing an Incorrectly-Sized Unit

Another way homeowners damage their air conditioner is by having the wrong sized unit put in during air conditioning installation. You must get the appropriate size for your home or room if you’re using an individual room unit. If the AC is too big for the space it’s cooling, the thermostat will repeatedly cycle on and off, which can cause damage and higher energy bills. If it’s too small, it will work overly hard to try and keep the space cool, which raises your energy bills and causes the AC to easily break down.

Obstructing Airflow

Finally, homeowners can damage their AC by having it installed in the wrong spot. If it’s too close to furniture or the outdoor unit too close to vegetation, airflow can be obstructed. This can lead to a huge problem that requires you to get an air conditioning replacement. You should ensure that there are no obstructions within several feet of the unit so the air can circulate.

Clark’s Heating and Air can provide you with reliable air conditioning services when you need them the most. Contact us today or fill out our contact form to schedule an appointment.

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