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When Should a Heat Pump Be Replaced?

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A heat pump is a common choice for a heating system in Hoschton, GA that can provide year-round comfort. But like any other comfort solution serviced by the Clark’s Heating & Air team, heat pumps will eventually need to be replaced. Here are some signs to look for that suggest it’s time to replace your heat pump.

Constantly Needing Repairs

It’s understandable to occasionally need heating repair in Hoschton, GA for a heat pump. What’s reason for concern, however, is having to regularly have your heat pump repaired only to need service again a few months later – or sooner. With situations like this, replacement is often a more cost-effective option.

Rising Utility Bills

Consider new heating installation in Hoschton, GA if your heat pump is showing signs of no longer being efficient during operation. One sign suggesting this may be the case is utility bills that increase without a clear explanation. Because heat pumps are typically one of the most used appliances in a home, you’ll definitely notice added savings with one that’s newer and more efficient.

Inconsistent Home Temps and Odd Noises During Operation

A heat pump is a type of heating system in Hoschton, GA that should provide consistent comfort in your home. If your indoor comfort is becoming compromised, it may be because your heat pump is older, showing signs of wear, or not sufficiently sized. Replacement is also worth considering if you are hearing odd noises during operation. This indicates various parts and components are wearing down.

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