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Heating Installation in Flowery Branch, GA

Lennox Premier Dealers for Heating

Clark’s Heating and Air brings you the best home heating for your money. As a Lennox Premier Dealer, we guarantee to provide excellent customer service from highly knowledgeable technicians.

Lennox has an exciting lineup of furnaces, heat pumps, and packaged units. We can help select the best model for your budget and the size of your home.

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Heating Installation & Replacement Services

Replacing your Flowery Branch home’s heating system will end paying for frequent repairs and constant heating maintenance, and you and your family will be much more comfortable.

Clark’s Heating and Air will make heating repairs as long as that’s the best option, but sometimes a heating replacement simply makes more economic sense.

Warning signs that you need to replace your heating system include:

  • Increased energy bills
  • Unreliable or insufficient heating
  • Loud rumbling, rattling, squealing, or hissing
  • Bad smells, like mildew or burning

Our technicians have decades of experience in replacing and retrofitting heating systems. We’ll install the latest and greatest version of the heating system you have, or you can switch to a different type of heating system.

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High-Quality Heating Services

Clark’s Heating and Air also makes professional heating installations for new homes or can add heating to a newly finished basement or home addition. We also install commercial heating units for small offices in Flowery Branch and the surrounding areas.

Whether it’s a first-time heating installation in Flowery Branch, GA, or replacement, Clark’s Heating and Air will help you choose between options such as:

  • Gas, propane, and electric heating
  • Furnace vs. heat pump
  • Single-stage, two-stage, or variable speed furnaces
  • AFUE and HSPF energy-efficiency ratings
  • Optional features such as humidifiers

Clark's Heating and Air also offers the following services:

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When you need a new heating system installation or replacement, choose Clark’s Heating and Air! We’re your local HVAC company with licensed technicians who care about your comfort and satisfaction.

Schedule an appointment online or call (678) 379-2665 for a free estimate on heating services by Clark’s Heating and Air. We also provide high-quality heating installation in the following locations:

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Schedule a call today or call (678) 379-2665 to schedule an appointment for your heating or cooling needs. We offer services to all the Northeast Georgia communities.

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