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The Trusted HVAC Contractor in Suwanee, GA

Let a top HVAC contractor in Suwanee, GA, from Clark’s Heating & Air guide you when it comes to dealing with your heating and cooling needs. Boasting several years of industry experience, we make sure that we offer the solutions you need without having to worry about recurring issues or high costs. No matter what's going on with your heating or cooling system, our staff is ready to help!

Our family-owned and -operated business consists of highly trained experts who are ready to tackle everything from urgent heating or air conditioner repair to new installations and routine maintenance. Our staff is extensively background checked. In addition, Clark’s Heating & Air fully supports youth and school programs in the communities we serve.

A Full Suite of Services

For any HVAC service, having a professional HVAC company in Suwanee, GA, assures you that everything is set up correctly and safely. Leaving it in the hands of an inexperienced person can lead to potentially dangerous or costly missteps. Our team is ready to promptly respond to any HVAC-related need. 

Whether you are weighing your options on whether to push through with a quick repair or a full-on air conditioner replacement, we have you covered. Our range of heating, cooling, and other HVAC services in Suwanee, GA, includes:

Air Conditioning

Our team offers a variety of cooling services, from installation all the way to replacement. 

  • AC Repair - Air conditioner repair, even when it is not to address an urgent issue, should always be considered a priority. Once you're noticing warm spots, rising utility bills for no reason, or a drop in indoor air quality, give us a call. 
  • AC Installation and Replacement - From choosing a correctly sized unit to determining the kind of cooling system that suits you best, there are many decisions to consider with air conditioner installation or replacement. Our knowledgeable technicians will guide you through the installation process. 
  • Emergency AC Services - No cold air, uneven cycling, refrigerant leaks, and bad odors or odd noises during operation are some of the reasons to contact us for emergency AC services. Our highly skilled team is available 24/7 for urgent needs.
  • AC Maintenance - We also help our residential and commercial clients save time and money with routine AC tune-ups.


Your comfort during the coldest months of the year matter to us, which is why we also provide a number of services for any type of heating system

  • Heating Repair - Lack of heat, uneven heating, and thermostat issues are among the top reasons to call on us for heating repair. We'll quickly and accurately diagnose the problem and restore your comfort right away. 
  • Heat Pump Installation - Heat pumps are necessary to offset the costs of primary heating systems. We ensure proper installation and replacement to reduce the use of your primary heating unit. 
  • Heating Maintenance - Regardless of the age, size, and condition of your heating, we are capable of ensuring timely tune-ups.


An all-in-one system can be the answer to your comfort needs, so that means you need a team that understands everything HVAC. Clark’s Heating & Air addresses all residential and commercial needs. 

  • HVAC Repair - Our experts are capable of handling HVAC units that are no longer performing as they should. Once you're noticing high utility bills or inefficient operations, we can address the issue.
  • HVAC Replacement - Dealing with frequent repairs? Let us help you choose a new heating and cooling solution when HVAC replacement is needed. HVAC maintenance service is available as well.

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Quality is always a priority when we deliver our cooling and heating services here at Clark’s Heating & Air. Call us today at (678) 379-2665 or fill out our online form to schedule an appointment. We look forward to working with you.

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