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Heat Pump Installation in Braselton, GA, and Surrounding Areas

At Clark’s Heating and Air, we are the leading HVAC contractor when it comes to heat pump installation in Braselton, GA, and nearby areas. Heat pumps are often installed to offset the costs of primary heating systems like natural gas, oil, and propane. Heat pump installation reduces the use of your primary, more expensive heating method, extending the life of that unit. After a heat pump is installed, the existing heating system can be used as a secondary source. Heat pumps use electricity to make your home cooler or warmer by circulating air.

Where To Use A Heat Pump

Heat pumps are ideal for naturally warm climates that don’t need to run a major heating system most months out of the year. Other spaces to consider adding a heat pump include hard to heat rooms like sunrooms, over-garage bonus rooms, or a converted garage. In addition to heating specific spaces in your home, installing a heat pump also allows for extra cooling during the summer months and dehumidifying specific areas.

Types Of Heat Pumps

Your needs and build of your home will determine which heat pump is right for your property. There are three main types of heat pumps:

  • Air-to-air: The most common type of heat pump is the air-source model. Air source heat pumps transfer warm air between your home and the outdoor air, keeping your environment comfortable.
  • Water source: A water source heat pump requires a nearby lake, well, or other water sources to disperse heat through the water rather than air.
  • Geothermal: Ground source heat pumps are more efficient as they take advantage of the constant temperature of the ground, but installation is more complex as excavation is needed.

Subtypes of these heat pumps, called hybrid heat pumps, exist and use the combination of two of the energy sources to power the unit. Solar heat pumps can also be integrated into the air or ground heat pump system.

Benefits Of Heat Pump

Homeowners opt for heat pump installation citing a number of benefits to their home and wallet.

  • Comfort: The temperature throughout your home is maintained when an efficient heat pump is installed.
  • Custom control: Heat pumps can be installed with multiple indoor units, allowing for a custom temperature in each room.
  • Improved air quality: Heat pumps filter air before it enters your home and acts as a dehumidifier in the summer, offering better air quality.
  • Low cost: Heat pumps offer one of the least expensive heat sources for your home.

Safe heating option: Unlike furnaces or other heating tools, heat pumps pose no risk of a gas leak since it’s powered by electricity.

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