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Heat Pump Replacement Services in Braselton, GA, and Surrounding Areas

A well-built heat pump can last 20 years, but signs of needed maintenance may begin appearing before that age. Heat pumps are an excellent way to heat or cool your home and drive down energy costs. However, if the unit begins to malfunction, causing your backup heating system to run more regularly, heat pump replacement may be the best option.

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When To Replace Heat Pump

If your home’s heat pump is encroaching upon its last season, you may notice warning signs that it’s time to replace the unit:

  • Constant Need For Repairs

If the rare breakdown is turning into frequent calls to your Braselton, Georgia heating repair company, it’s time for a switch. You will ultimately spend more trying to breathe life back into a heat pump that has minimal time remaining. If you find that your heat pump needs more than one repair a year, consider a new system.

  • Unusual Noises

Unexpected noises from your heat pump are a sign that the parts are experiencing wear and tear. While natural wear occurs from regular use, loud clangs and bangs indicate that something isn’t operating properly. If attempted repairs don’t remedy the situation, it’s time to look into a whole system change.

  • Increase In Energy Bills

An increase in energy bills with no major change in your behavior or the weather indicates energy is being lost. Your energy use should remain constant unless a purposeful change - like a new appliance - is added to the electric grid. Heat pumps are the number one source of energy use in a home, so any change in your bill is likely from your unit. Routine heating system maintenance will extend the life of your heat pump but also let you know it’s time to make a replacement.

  •  Inconsistent Temperature

Are certain rooms in your home always much hotter or cooler than the rest of the home? If you’ve checked that all your vents are open and rooms aren’t closed off, this is one of the easiest ways to recognize that there’s a problem with your heat pump. Other conditions in your home, like a high humidity level, can point to HVAC problems.

  • Age

Even the best units cannot defy time. Your heat pump is expected to perform every day, and after 10 to 15 years of service, age begins to show itself. The unit will become less efficient and even if it appears to work properly, there are newer models available with advanced technology.

Installing a new heat pump will vary in cost depending on the size and model of the unit you want. Making repairs is recommended if you still hold a warranty on unity, it’s less than 10 years old, or you haven’t had any previous problems.

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