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Air Conditioner Repair in Braselton, GA, and Surrounding Areas

air conditioning repair Northeast Georgia

Call us anytime at (678) 379-2665 or contact us online to request air conditioning installation in Braselton, Hoschton, Buford, Flowery Branch, and the surrounding Georgia communities.

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Top-Notch Air Conditioning Repair

When you’re a local HVAC company in Georgia, you learn a lot about how to diagnose and repair air conditioning problems. Clark’s Heating and Air has repair specialists who know the equipment inside and out.

Leave it to the pros for the best air conditioning repair in Braselton, GA, and surrounding areas. Whether it’s a leaky duct or dirty coil, we solve problems and make cost-effective repairs to make you comfortable quickly.

Common AC problems that we see in Northeast Georgia include:

  • AC will not turn on: This could be a tripped breaker, bad wiring, faulty sensor, a blown motor, or damage to the control board.
  • AC blows warm air: Clogged filters and fans, a dirty compressor coil, thermostat problems, and refrigerant leaks can cause your AC to freeze up and blow hot air into the home.
  • Leaking AC: Refrigerant loss is one problem, but often you have a water leak due to the condensate line or drain pan getting busted or clogged.
  • AC not reaching all rooms: You might have a major duct leak, or perhaps the AC is too small for the house. Otherwise, you probably just need the filter and coils cleaned.

Heat Pump Repair Services

If you use a heat pump as your primary or secondary cooling system, make sure to call an HVAC company in Northeast Georgia with experience working on this type of equipment. Clark’s Heating and Air can recharge the refrigerant, clean the outdoor unit, and take care of all your heat pump repairs in the Braselton and Hoschton area.

Emergency AC Repair in Northeast Georgia We want our customers to be safe and happy, even when air conditioners stop working at inconvenient times! Call (678) 379-2665 for 247 emergency AC repairs.

Professional Air Conditioning Maintenance

We often find that struggling, noisy, or inefficient air conditioning just needs some TLC. Remember to bring in Clark’s Heating and Air for a spring or summer AC tune-ups to keep things running quietly and cleanly for the rest of the year.

Schedule Air Conditioning Services With Us Today!

Our family-owned company believes in honest service and affordable prices. Trust Clark’s Heating and Air for repairs by knowledgeable, experienced technicians who care about your comfort most of all.

Call us at (678) 379-2665 or fill out our online form to schedule service for air conditioning replacement or repair in Braselton, Hoschton, Flowery Branch, and the local area—including 24-hour emergency service! We look forward to providing you with:

Proudly serving air conditioner repairs in the following areas:

Barrow County: AuburnBethlehemWinder, Carl
Gwinnett County: BraseltonBufordDaculaHoschtonLawrencevilleSugar HillSuwaneeGraysonSnellville
Hall County: Flowery BranchGainesvilleOakwood
Jackson County: Commerce, Gillsville, Jefferson, Maysville, Arcade
Walton County: Between, Good Hope, Jersey, LoganvilleMonroe, Social Circle, Walnut Grove

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Schedule a call today or call (678) 379-2665 to schedule an appointment for your heating or cooling needs. We offer services to all the Northeast Georgia communities.

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