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How Often You Need to Replace AC Filters

Dusty AC filter

A properly working air conditioner can help keep your home comfortable during the hot summer months. Aside from moderating indoor temperature, it can also help improve air quality. For you to enjoy these benefits, however, it’s important to invest in regular maintenance. Clark’s Heating and Air, local experts in air conditioning in Braselton, GA, shares how often you should replace your unit’s filters for improved efficiency:

Every Six Months

Air filters help improve your home’s indoor air quality by preventing the entry of dust particles and pests into the room. Over time, however, these can get clogged with dust, debris, and other particles, which can hinder its operation. To ensure the efficiency of your unit and prevent the need for premature air conditioning replacement, we recommend replacing your filters every six months.

Every Month If You Have Pets

Unless you have pets that do not shed, their fur will clog up your air filters much faster and block the airflow in your unit. Because of this, it’s best to replace your air filters every month or as needed to maintain your unit’s efficiency. Along with proper air conditioning maintenance, regularly replacing your air filters will help reduce the amount of dust, pet hair, and pollen in your home that can irritate the skin and lungs.

Every Two Months if Your Home Has High Levels of Pollution

If you live near the main road or there is currently construction going on in your home, your air filters may get clogged faster. High levels of pollution will make your air conditioning system work much harder to deliver the same levels of comfort in your home, so be sure to replace your filters at least once every two months. Even if you just had a new air conditioning installation, you would still benefit from maintaining your air filters.

When in need of reliable air conditioning services, look no further than Clark’s Heating and Air. Our range of services can keep your unit running smoothly and efficiently, to help you enjoy a much more comfortable home. Schedule an appointment with our professional team today.

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