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Professional Air Conditioning Repair in Braselton, GA

air conditioning repair Braselton Georgia

When to Call for Air Conditioning Repair

If you’re sweating out a hot day without air conditioning, don’t wait any longer! Clark’s Heating and Air can be there swiftly to make fast an air conditioning repair in Braselton, GA. Our experienced technicians can troubleshoot AC problems such as:

  • AC blows hot air or no air at all
  • AC cycles on and off rapidly
  • Ice is on the AC
  • Some rooms always feel hot
  • There are banging, rattling, or squealing noises
  • There is a mildew smell or rotten egg smell

We try a conservative approach whenever possible, such as cleaning the condenser and compressor and removing debris from around the blower motor. We can also provide major air conditioning repairs such as refrigerant leak repair or control board replacement.

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Emergency Air Conditioning Repair

Air conditioner breakdowns can occur anytime, so we don’t just work regular business hours. If your home or office needs emergency cooling repair for any reason.

Heat Pump Repair

Our technicians also provide air conditioning maintenance and repair for heat pumps. If your cooling system isn’t working the way it should, ask our trusted HVAC company to check the condenser and refrigerant lines and make professional heat pump repairs.

Air Conditioning Maintenance

Air conditioners run their best and last longer if you get a tune-up every year. Our air conditioning maintenance checklist covers everything you need to ensure proper cooling and efficiency, and to catch small problems before they get worse!

Sign up for our HVAC maintenance plan to get your next AC tune-up, a heating tune-up later in the year, and discounts on our repair services.

Clark's Heating and Air also offers the following services:

Request Air Conditioning Services

No matter the problem, our Braselton AC repair technicians will provide you with an effective, affordable solution to get your cooling running strong again. Our air conditioning services include air conditioning replacement, installation, and more. 

Call us anytime at (678) 379-2665 or make an appointment online for air conditioner repair in Braselton, GA. We also serve the following locations:

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Schedule a call today or call (678) 379-2665 to schedule an appointment for your heating or cooling needs. We offer services to all the Northeast Georgia communities.

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