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How to Avoid Common Air Conditioning Problems

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Homeowners’ air conditioning problems are some of the most dangerous and costly issues. From lost energy efficiency to health hazards, faulty AC systems can put homes in all kinds of trouble if not addressed quickly and correctly. Clark’s Heating and Air, experts in air conditioning repair in Braselton, GA, shares our top tips to help you avoid these problems:

Change Your Air Filter Regularly

The most important preventive measure is regularly changing your home’s air filter. Clogged or dirty filters mean your system cannot circulate as much air efficiently, trapping dust and dirt particles that can damage your system’s components and indoor air quality. Depending on the type of filter you have, they must be changed frequently every two to three months or more if required to avoid the need for air conditioning services.

Schedule Annual Maintenance Visits

In addition to changing the filter yourself, we recommend hiring a professional for an annual air conditioning maintenance visit before the summer season when you depend heavily on your cooling system. Professional inspections check for any problems with refrigerant leaks, worn belts, broken parts, and other aging issues before they become more severe and expensive repairs down the road.

Don’t Ignore Unusual Noises

Air conditioning systems use gears and motors to drive the cooling or heating process. Usually, this gear is enclosed in a sealed compartment to keep it clean and safe from dirt, dust, or other particles. However, sometimes these compartments can get clogged and end up damaging your system. Clogged or dirty motors can generate unusual sounds, warning that your system is struggling to keep up with its cooling or warming duties. Proper air conditioning installation and maintenance should address any odd sounds.

When you need reliable air conditioning replacement, repair, or maintenance, look no further than Clark’s Heating and Air. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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