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Why the Location of Your AC Unit Matters

Air conditioning installation

During the hottest days of summer, your family relies on your air conditioning to work optimally. Problems with the unit can make everyone unhappy, but fortunately, Clark’s Heating and Air can perform expert air conditioning repair in Braselton, GA, when you need it. There are a few reasons why the location of your AC unit matters.

Too Much Heat Can Affect Temperature

When you get an air conditioning installation, the best spot is somewhere that’s cool. Some homeowners make the mistake of placing their units in a location that gets too much sun. When direct sunlight blazes onto your air conditioner, it can affect its ability to effectively cool your home. You might notice that the air isn’t as cool as it should be even if you adjust your thermostat.

Crowding Can Affect Air Circulation

Placing your air conditioning unit in a spot that’s cluttered can also lead to problems. The outdoor component should never be too close to another structure or plants as it can adversely affect airflow. If you don’t have an adequate flow of air, you might need frequent air conditioning services and not even realize why you’re having problems.

If you have no choice and your unit must be near plants, make sure to practice good air conditioning maintenance. Trim or prune the plants and clear away leaves, dirt and other debris regularly to keep your outdoor unit as clean as possible.

Higher Energy Bills

If you place your air conditioner in the wrong location, it can cause your energy bills to increase as the unit strives to work extra hard to cool your home. You might begin to question whether your unit is malfunctioning and think you need an air conditioning replacement. However, choosing the right location can make all the difference in the world and bring your bills back down to a reasonable price.

Clark’s Heating and Air can find the best spot for your new air conditioning unit. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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