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Debunking Residential HVAC Myths

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Many people have different misconceptions about residential HVAC systems, and if you lack enough knowledge about these systems, you may believe these myths. Fortunately, professionals from Clark’s Heating and Air are certified and can help you address your concerns. Here are the top myths you should never believe about your home’s HVAC system.

You Cut Costs by Shutting HVAC Vents

If you have rooms that are not used often, you may feel the urge to close the vents in these rooms to save costs. Even though this may seem like a great idea, this can actually be damaging your home’s HVAC. The damages will necessitate prompt repairs or, worse, a new HVAC installation in Braselton, GA, which might be costly. Shutting these vents puts excessive pressure to your dust system, which can lead to the uneven cooling of your home. To avoid being a victim of this myth, always consult professionals on matters concerning your home’s HVAC.

Postponing Repairs is Okay

It would be best to have a regular HVAC maintenance routine. A system that is poorly maintained reduces the comfort of your home. In addition, you will be harming your system if you do not schedule regular checks ups. Even though your system might still be running, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t have any problems. Furthermore, regular maintenance is cost-effective, unlike waiting for it to fail to function.

Bigger HVAC Units Are Better

You have probably come across this misconception, and maybe you believed it. Thinking that a large system would cool your home more effectively is false. Instead, installing such a system might cause more harm than good. Bigger systems tend to switch on and off frequently, resulting in much costs and wastage of energy. You should consult experts in HVAC services to help you find an appropriately sized unit for your home.

Clark’s Heating and Air is locally owned and operated in Northeast Georgia. We have many years of experience offering HVAC repair and replacement services. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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