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What to Look for in an HVAC System

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An HVAC unit is one of the most important appliances in any home. According to consumer reports, over 75% of U.S. homes use air conditioners. An efficient HVAC unit provides a comfortable environment in your home. As such, it’s important to be selective about the system you choose. Whether you are replacing your current unit or need a new HVAC installation in Jefferson, GA, Clark’s Heating and Air recommends purchasing a system with the following:

Energy Efficiency

HVAC units have improved over the years. There are rating systems that determine their efficiency. These ratings include HSPF, SEER, EER and AFUE. Selecting a unit with excellent energy efficiency will help keep your home comfortable all year round, and with proper HVAC maintenance, you’ll be able to enjoy your new unit for years.

Programmable Thermostat Compatibility

You should also ensure that the unit you purchase is compatible with the latest programmable thermostat. This will allow you to control heating and cooling in your house from almost anywhere. Besides, you will end up saving on energy by switching on or off your HVAC system when you are not using it.

Adequate Capacity

Before purchasing an air conditioning unit, it is important to find out if it will adequately serve your home. Go for an with the ability to heat and cool your home without overworking. An HVAC unit is measured by British Thermal Units (BTUs). The higher the BTU rating, the bigger the capacity. You can consult an expert provider of HVAC services to determine the right capacity for your home.

Low Maintenance Requirements

HVAC units require regular maintenance for them to perform optimally. Lack of proper maintenance not only leads to inefficiency, but also means you would need more frequent HVAC repair services. You don’t want to buy a unit that will strain your finances every time it breaks down.

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