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Professional Air Conditioning Repair in Jefferson, GA

If you've ever experienced the intense summer heat of Jefferson, Georgia, then you know how important a working air conditioning unit is. Temperatures sometimes go above 100 degrees, and weather advisories and heat-related issues are common. If your air conditioning unit is not functioning properly, you should get it serviced. The repair could be simple or complex, but it needs to be fixed by HVAC technicians who are experts at what they do. And when you use the highly specialized services of Clark’s Heating and Air, you will see that not every HVAC contractor is equal.

We Specialize in Air Conditioning Repair Services

The customized experience we provide begins with a call or website consultation. Our highly experienced staff will take the appropriate information and have your request serviced in a timely manner. It is the mission of Clark’s Heating and Air to make sure that your air conditioning unit is running at optimal capacity. Our services are extensive and include repair, installation, maintenance, and replacement.

Word-of-mouth referrals have contributed to the tremendous growth of our professional HVAC company. We have earned a reputation as a reliable, trustworthy family business that gets the job done with excellence. And we planned it that way from the very beginning. Our roots in Jefferson, GA run deep, we are members of the community and we support our young people by giving back through youth and school programs.

Our HVAC contractors are customer service professionals. They are trained in Clark’s Heating and Air's standard for service which puts customers first. They are experienced and thoroughly vetted. They undergo extensive background checks and must pass prior to employment with Clark’s Heating and Air. When you call us to service your air conditioning unit, you can be sure that you will get exceptional air conditioning services, performed by skilled, certified technicians.

We service both residential and commercial customers. So, if you are a homeowner with a malfunctioning unit, an air conditioning repair in Jefferson, GA, would be conducted in your home. We can diagnose the problem and fix it accordingly. We aren't done until you're 100% satisfied.

For commercial clients, we offer a comprehensive list of air conditioning maintenance. Whether it is an installation, a replacement, or an upgrade, you will get a superior mechanical workman from our experienced technicians, and we are poised to handle last-minute and emergency requests.

For home builders, we welcome the opportunity to be your dedicated team for air conditioning installation. Our past performance in working with the vast HVAC requirements home builders must meet gives us confidence that we can offer quality workmanship in accordance with your specifications. If you are remodeling homes, our extensive experience with air conditioning replacement enables us to service many types of units.

Our residential and commercial rates are fair market value and highly competitive. We give you an upfront estimate so that you do not get any ah-ha moments upon completion of the job. When you contact us, inquire about specials we may be running.

Clark's Heating and Air also offers the following services:

Trust Us for High-Quality Air Conditioning Repair

We are the trusted team for air conditioning repair in Jefferson, GA. We are easily reached at (678) 379-2665 and are eager to show you how our services can make a real difference in the life of your air conditioning unit. Give us a call today or fill out our online form to schedule an appointment and let us show you how we can help. We also serve:

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Schedule a call today or call (678) 379-2665 to schedule an appointment for your heating or cooling needs. We offer services to all the Northeast Georgia communities.

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