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Common AC Problems in Georgia

HVAC maintenance

Proper air conditioning installation is essential to enjoying all the benefits of having a cooling system. Nonetheless, issues with your air conditioning may still crop up every now and then. That is why you need to familiarize yourself with the typical AC problem to know what to do when any issues arise.

Before you start scheduling an air conditioning repair in Jefferson, GA, you should understand what to look out for to know your AC has issues. Our experts at Clark’s Heating and Air, the trusted team in the Peach State, explain to you some of the common AC problems that Georgia residents encounter:

  1. Indoor and Outdoor Water Leaks

  2. A water leak on your air conditioning indoor unit indicates that fungi or algae have clogged the condensate drain system, causing water back-up. It may also result from a broken-down condensate pump, which will require immediate replacement. An outdoor water leak can involve a broken condensate pan, improper installation, or dry air filter. It is wise to have regular air conditioning maintenance to avoid this problem.

  3. Dirty AC Filter

  4. The AC filter gets clogged with dust over time. A dirty filter in the air conditioning system hinders airflow hence reducing the efficiency of your cooling unit. The filter should be cleaned or replaced.

  5. Electric Control Failure

  6. The electric control failure is due to wearing out and corrosion of wires interconnecting the compressor, blower motor, and condenser motor. The issue calls for air conditioning services to restore the AC to good condition.

  7. Frozen Evaporator Coil

  8. A frozen evaporator coil makes the cooling system stop working. Accumulation of ice around the coil results from a lack of adequate air supply. The refrigerant in the coil fails to absorb latent heat, hence disrupting the smooth operation of your air conditioning.

  9. AC Fan Failure

The fan facilitates the transfer of heat from the system. Any failure on its part leads to overheating, hence internal damage to the compressor. You may eventually need an air conditioning replacement.

If you experience any of the above common problems, contact us at Clark’s Heating and Air. We are known to offer quality and professional AC solutions 24/7. Call us or fill out the online form today!

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