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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Good AC Unit

High efficiency modern AC-heater unit

Whether homeowners are moving into a new house or building one from scratch, an air conditioning system is among the most significant investments. At Clark’s Heating and Air, we are dedicated to helping clients find the best air conditioning in Jefferson, GA for their needs. We recommend considering the following factors when choosing a new unit:

Type of air conditioner

This determines the operating mechanism, noise, durability, installation, and efficiency of the AC unit. Some common AC types include:

  • Central air conditioners
  • Widow air conditioners
  • Ductless mini split
  • Floor mounted AC
  • Portable air conditioners
  • Smart air conditioner
  • Hybrid or dual fuel AC


Before air conditioning installation, clients must determine how much space they have for the AC unit. We also advise them to consider an AC unit’s cooling loads that help determine how much heat it will remove from the home.

Energy Efficiency

Air conditioning companies determine a unit’s efficiency using a Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. The minimum requirement by the Department of Energy is 13 to 14. The higher the rating, the higher the energy efficiency.


To choose the right AC brand, we advise our clients to consider their reputation and read customer reviews. We also recommend they look at the warranties and materials used to make the units. As a company offering air conditioning services, we work with some of the best brands, and we help our clients choose the best brands depending on their needs.


First, we remind our clients to look at the initial cost of the air conditioner. This includes the cost of buying it and air conditioner installation costs. We recommend that clients shop around different places to get the best prices. We also remind them to examine the air conditioning maintenance cost and determine whether the investment is worth it.


Some air conditioner units are compatible with homeowners’ phones and other devices, allowing remote controlling of the AC from wherever the client is. It is vital to work with the best when looking for air conditioning replacement, installation, repair, or maintenance. This ensures high-quality and durable results.

Clark’s Heating and Air is one of the top companies offering air conditioning services. We have highly-trained and skilled professionals who work with our client’s schedules. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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