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Why You Should Get Your AC Unit Serviced Before Summer

The summer heat in Georgia can become overwhelming. Stepping into a cool house is instant relief to sweltering summer days. Before the temperature begins to increase, it will be beneficial to your family and your air conditioner to have the unit serviced. Being proactive with the upkeep of your AC unit allows you to detect and prevent major issues, enjoy the summer months uninterrupted by AC problems, and make your monthly energy bills more affordable.

Annual AC inspections are needed even if the unit is running smoothly. A well-trained AC technician will recognize small issues forming and can prevent major issues by handling the challenge before it evolves. Summer months are just around the corner. Take the time now to schedule an inspection for your air conditioner and rest comfortably all summer long enjoy these major benefits:

Prevent a Costly System Failure

Ignoring small issues with your air conditioner will not make them go away. Minor adjustments can be made now to help your unit run more efficiently and prevent major catastrophes. The Clark’s Heating and Air technicians will perform a thorough inspection on your unit and make any necessary repairs to ensure the unit runs through the summer and for years to come.

Avoid the Busiest AC Repair Season

Summer is the busiest time of the year for air conditioner repairs and replacements. If your system begins to malfunction, it may take longer for a technician to respond to your home or get the necessary parts due to increased demand. By scheduling an inspection ahead of the busy season, you lessen your chances of a midsummer breakdown and the waiting period that could follow for repairs. Schedule your inspection now to detect and prevent issues.

Lower Your Monthly Energy Bills

You want to enjoy a comfortable home without emptying your bank account each month. When your AC unit is not running efficiently, you’ll spend more money to run the system than needed. A simple tune-up and thorough cleaning are energy-saving efforts that will show up on your monthly bill. When you schedule your AC inspection ahead of the summer months, your unit will run at an optimum level through the season’s highest temperatures.

Schedule your preventative maintenance now with the Clark’s Heating and Air team to enjoy a cool, comfortable home throughout the summer.

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