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Different Types of HVAC Systems

Different Types of HVAC Systems

For most homeowners, understanding the mechanism behind HVAC systems can be a tall order and a bit complex. Luckily, there are a number of reputable companies such as Clark’s Heating and Air that specializes in HVAC installation in Hoschton, GA. HVAC systems are classified into four categories, namely:

Heating and Cooling Split Systems

Heating and cooling split systems are the most common types of HVAC systems. These usually focus on cooling and heating, as the name suggests, and have both outdoor and indoor units. The outdoor unit consists of a cooling system that utilizes a compressor, refrigerant, and coils for cooling and a fan for blowing away hot air.

The heater section is placed primarily on basements and storage spaces that generally warm up the house using gas. A thermostat is used to regulate the heat to a comfortable level. It’s advisable to have them regularly inspected by a reputable HVAC contractor for you to enjoy optimal performance.

Hybrid Split Systems

A hybrid HVAC system bears similarity to the split system, but the difference lies in their electric hybrid system. The system allows homeowners to switch between gas and electric power, allowing for efficiency and a quieter operation. Additionally, the hybrid system is dependent on traditional thermostats and ducts, and all these features add to the benefits of a split system by reducing utility bills.

Duct-Free Systems

This type of HVAC system offers a suitable solution for spaces where the typical ducted systems may not be compatible. They comprise individual units set in each room, thus offering independent control. However, these duct-free systems require regular HVAC services and thorough cleaning to avoid costly repair costs.

Packaged Heating and Air Conditioning Systems

A packaged HVAC system has a condenser, compressor, and evaporator combination all in a single unit. Usually, the unit is placed at the roof or near the foundation and plays both the cooling and heating of the house. They are a category that is efficient and doesn’t require complex HVAC repair.

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