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Factors to Consider Before Installing a New Heating System

Factors to Consider Before Installing a New Heating System

When you are planning on having a new heating installation in Hoschton, GA, you can have it done by Clark’s Heating and Air. Before you make a commitment to such a huge investment in your home, however, there are certain factors you should consider first. This is to ensure that you’re getting the right new heater.

Get the Right Size Unit

Not all heaters are the same size. Some are designed for larger spaces while others are better for smaller spaces. If you chose a unit that’s too small for your home, it would have to work extra hard, which means you would have to spend more for heating services. Getting the right size is possible when you do your homework. 

Consider the Maintenance Schedule

Depending on the brand of heating unit you choose, it might have a specific maintenance schedule. Heating maintenance varies by brand, so you should familiarize yourself with what you need to do if you’re considering any particular unit. You should also consult with a professional to get their advice.

Focus on Heating Efficiency

The best heating units are those that are efficient. Efficiency can help you save precious money on your energy bills. They are also up to current standards, which means you may not have to worry as much about heating repair compared with using older units. Look for a unit that has an energy efficiency rating of at least 80 percent. You can find some that have ratings of as high as 96 percent, but those are pricier.

Consider Your Heating Fuel Options

Your heating system can run on a variety of fuel types. Most use gas, but some use oil, petroleum and even wood-burning with back boilers. Whatever you choose, you will want a unit that is eco-friendly and affordable.

Clark’s Heating and Air can expertly install your home’s next heating unit. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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