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How to Avoid Common Heating Issues

Leaking heating system

Heating problems can be costly to repair, especially if they happen often. Fortunately, you can avoid most common heating issues by knowing what causes them. Clark’s Heating and Air, local experts in heating installation repair in Braselton, GA, discusses some common issues and how you can avoid them below:

Issue: Musty or musty-smelling air blowing out of vents

Solution: An insufficient airflow may cause condensation in the drain line, which can lead to musty-smelling air blowing out of the vents or leaking into the home. Close windows near the venting area and let outside air circulate to remove any remaining moisture.

Issue: Heat loss

Solution: Improper ventilation can lead to heat loss in your home. Have the ductwork checked for holes and leaks. With old systems, it is common to find the furnace blower needs periodic cleaning of the blades and impellers. If you notice this issue, schedule professional heating repair right away. In addition, make sure that your dryer vents outside by checking the ductwork connecting your dryer to its vent opening outside of your home.

Issue: Carbon buildup in the vents

Solution: Carbon buildup in the vents may contribute to a musty or musty-smelling odor. To prevent this, open a window near the vents and run cool water through them for two minutes to loosen any accumulated dirt. Following this, run warm water through the vents for two minutes to flush out any remaining dirt and debris.

Issue: Failing to switch on or off

Solution: The heating unit switch is probably defective. If the unit can still power on but cannot be turned off, then the main circuit breaker could be defective. Likewise, if the unit cannot be switched on or off but can still power on, a defective circuit breaker may be to blame. In the event that the problem persists, you should schedule prompt heating services.

Issue: The heating unit is clanking, thumping, or hissing

Solution: The joints and fittings of the heating system may need to be adjusted or tightened if they are loose. This could create noise as well as reduce their ability to transfer heat efficiently. It is also possible that the heating unit is not receiving enough air from either an insufficient number of vents open in a room or from blocked venting areas such as grills or registers.

With proper and regular heating maintenance, you can greatly reduce the risks of heating problems. For quality services, contact Clark’s Heating and Air today.

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