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The Importance of Clean AC Filters

The Importance of Clean AC Filters

As experts in air conditioning repair in Hoschton, GA, Clark’s Heating & Air has encountered virtually every air conditioning problem. For this reason, we know just how important it is that residential and commercial customers keep their AC filters clean. Georgia’s hot and humid weather combined with poor independent AC or HVAC system maintenance can cause a lot of problems such as:

Health Issues

Dirty air filters fail to remove dirt, pollen, and other particles from the air. Poor air quality from a lack of regular air conditioning maintenance can aggravate allergies, asthma and sinusitis. Changing your air conditioner’s filters regularly will help keep the quality of indoor air in your home at an optimal level.

System Overheating

Clean filters in an air conditioner ensures that particles in the air don’t build up on important parts of your system, such as the motor, cooling pipes or fan blades, and provide critical airflow over the cold, heat-absorbing evaporator coil. Even a new unit from a recent air conditioning installation can break down if it starts to overheat. Parts of the materials then melt or burn, or coil refrigerant fails to absorb heat. Condensation on the outside cools too rapidly to drip away, which then leads to freezing inside of the coil and ice buildup on the outside.

Premature Replacement

Sometimes the damage caused by overheating and subsequent freezing is too extensive to fix with replacement parts. Since new units can fail as easily as old ones when they’re not properly maintained, a home or business owner who didn’t keep up with regular professional maintenance appointments for their unit might have no choice but to pay a lot of money for an emergency air conditioning replacement.

At Clark’s Heating and Air, we know that our neighbors throughout the region rely upon us for high-quality air conditioning services. We take pride in our ability to not only provide fast, efficient, budget-friendly on-site assistance but also learning experiences like this one. For more information or to schedule a maintenance appointment, contact us today.

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