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Tips on Heater Maintenance

Most homeowners know how expensive running the heat can be. In addition to increasing your monthly electric bill, you have to take maintenance into consideration. If your heating system in Braselton, GA, starts to malfunction, you need to reach out to Clark’s Heating and Air. Nevertheless, it’s important to keep your heater maintained at all times.

Keep an Eye on the Air Filter

Changing or cleaning the air filter in your heater is the most simple form of heating maintenance in Braselton, GA. The air filter is a component that keeps harmful elements from entering your home while your heater is being used. Over time, however, it’s susceptible to becoming clogged with dirt, and other types of particulate. If a filter becomes clogged, it can damage your heater and blow the contaminants inside the home.

Make Sure the Blower is Clean

Heaters in Braselton, GA, contain a mechanism called a blower, which is what blows the hot air into your home. However, like the air filter, you need to keep this clean. Despite the air filter trapping a majority of contaminants, a small amount does make its way through. Similar to the air filter, dust and dirt can accumulate over time, which can causes the heater to overheat and malfunction.

Inspect Your Vents

The heating installation in Braselton, GA, needs to take into account a ventilation system. However, some homeowners aren’t aware of the importance of maintaining their ventilation system. It’s easy to overlook something that’s not exactly visible, especially your ductwork. However, dirty or damaged ventilation systems can cause a lot of issues. Aside from warranting repairs, it can cause health issues such as coughing, sneezing, itchy eyes, and a scratchy throat.

Maintaining your heater should be at the top of your to-do list. It’s highly recommended that you do it at least every one to two months. If your heater isn’t working properly, we can help you out. Contact Clark’s Heating and Air for heating services in Braselton, GA, today.

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