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Tips on Preparing Your Home for Heating Installation

Removing old heating system Jefferson, GA

Preparing your home for a heating installation in Jefferson, GA, can be daunting, but it is essential to ensure your new system operates efficiently and safely. From decluttering the installation area to clearing out vents, taking some steps can make the process smoother. Clark’s Heating & Air, a reputable HVAC company, has years of experience in heating installation and maintenance and we offer the following tips:

1. Clear the Installation Area

This involves removing all clutter and ensuring the area is clean and accessible. Doing so ensures that our team will be able to complete the installation efficiently since we have space to move around and we can easily move your system. This step is especially crucial when replacing an old heating system since it may involve removing the old unit.

2. Ensure the Electricity and Gas Are Accessible

This is also helpful when you require heating repair, as we need constant electricity to operate our equipment. Before the installation, make sure that the gas and electricity connections near the area are turned on and accessible. This will prevent delays during installation and ensure the system can be tested immediately after installation.

3. Cover Nearby Objects With Protective Sheets

This is to ensure that any dust, debris, or other materials produced during installation will not damage or soil your furniture or other objects. Protective sheets can be purchased at most hardware stores and easily draped over furniture or other objects in the installation area. This precautionary measure will help keep your home clean and free from damage during heating services.

Properly preparing your home for a heating installation can make the process smoother and ensure the system operates safely and efficiently. If you require heating maintenance or installation services, don’t hesitate to contact Clark’s Heating & and Air. Schedule an appointment today.

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