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Understanding Your Air Conditioner’s Compressor

air conditioning maintenance in Braselton, GA

Your air conditioner’s compressor is the vital component that raises the temperature and pressure of the refrigerant leaving the evaporator coil. Our air conditioning services in Braselton, GA, here at Clark’s Heating & Air are needed to repair or replace this key part. When a compressor malfunctions, the pressure difference needed to create heat transfer and cooling cannot occur, and the AC unit stops working.

Air conditioning repair in Braselton, GA is important when your compressor is not working properly. The hot summer temperatures create a strain on your system as the freon in your AC system needs to be raised to a temperature above the air outside of it.

While the compressor can sometimes be replaced, other times new air conditioning installation in Braselton, GA is required. If any liquid has entered the compressor, this can cause a parts failure requiring replacement. Liquid accumulation inside the compressor reduces its efficiency and usually leads to damage and failure of one or more components inside the compressor. In certain systems, just the compressor can be replaced, but if it is already failing, other parts of the system may also be at a point of failure as well.

It’s important for your comfort that you have our experts regularly perform air conditioning maintenance in Braselton, GA to check on the performance of the compressor and other key parts in the system. The heat buildup in the compressor and nearby parts is substantial and necessary for the function of heat transfer in the evaporator coiling. Regular maintenance and system checks assure that all parts of this system are in their best working order.

Over time, your compressor will wear out and cause a decrease in cooling capacity in your home or business. Get in contact with Clark’s Heating & Air for air conditioning replacement in Braselton, GA if your air conditioner’s compressor fails.

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