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Where Should Your AC Unit Be Installed?

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Air conditioners help keep your home comfortable all year. But did you know that where your AC unit is installed can actually affect its performance and efficiency? Clark’s Heating and Air recommends installing your air conditioner in one of these locations to help avoid the need for frequent air conditioning repair in Braselton, GA:

Shaded Location

A shaded environment is the perfect place for the high performance of your AC. While looking for shaded locations, avoid placing your AC in a stuffy and congested environment. Congestion inhibits the free circulation of air around the AC which can result in damage or poor performance. Generally, avoid installing your AC close directly to the sunlight or close to any heat source. Direct sunlight can significantly reduce your unit’s efficiency and may even lead to premature air conditioning replacement.

Areas Away From Electrical Appliances

Indoor AC units should be placed away from electrical appliances. Air conditioning installation should be at a higher height to prevent any chances of water dripping into any electrical equipment.

Areas Free From Interruptions

Outdoor installation should be done in areas with minimal movements and away from pets. Pets tend to chew on the cords and refrigerant line, which can lead to a range of problems. Look for a secluded area with proper airflow. You can also erect a fence to restrict movement towards the AC. Make sure that you consult an expert air conditioning services provider to help you find the best location for your unit.

Enjoy excellent energy efficiency and a longer lifespan by ensuring that you have your new air conditioning unit installed in the ideal location. At Clark’s Heating & Air, we offer a wide range of heating and cooling services in Braselton, GA, including air conditioning maintenance, installations, and repairs. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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