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HVAC Noises You Should Not Ignore

HVAC Noises You Should Not Ignore

An efficient HVAC system sets the desired home temperature and maintains good indoor air quality, and does all that without disrupting the peace and quiet. As a contractor specializing in HVAC installation in Jefferson, GA, we can tell you that a constant humming noise is nothing to worry about. So, if your system starts to make strange noises as it operates, chances are your system is malfunctioning.

Here are a few of the HVAC noises that can be a cause for concern and prompt the need for HVAC services.

A Squealing Noise

A squealing or a high-pitched noise coming from your HVAC system could stem from a few possible reasons. If your compressor is under high internal pressure, your HVAC system will produce a squealing sound. It might also be because there’s not enough air circulating the vents. Or, your compressor belt may have come loose. If you hear a high-pitched squealing sound coming from your heating or cooling system, it is best if you turn it off as soon as possible even if the unit is seemingly working.

We also advise you to seek expert HVAC repair services immediately.

A Buzzing Noise

A buzzing sound or vibrating noise can be an indication that your system is experiencing electrical issues or has some loose parts. Some of the issues to associate with a buzzing sound coming from your HVAC include a malfunctioning circuit breaker, debris build-up in your unit, a dirty condenser coil or air filter, a defective blower, or refrigerant leaks.

Banging Sounds

A banging noise is often as a result of a loose motor or a wrongly positioned blower. When your system is operational, an unbalanced blower will make your system function loudly. Regular professional HVAC maintenance ensures all your parts are well fitted and working in place.

Noises coming from your HVAC often point to deeper problems with the system. Contact Clark’s Heating and Air for all of your heating and cooling needs.

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