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Prioritize Maintenance: How to Keep Your HVAC System in Peak Form

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When your HVAC unit operates effectively and efficiently, you enjoy comfortable temperatures. You’ll also notice a significant decrease in energy bills. If your HVAC system doesn’t work efficiently, you can rely on the expertise of our professionals here at Clark’s Heating and Air to keep your unit in tip-top shape.

Here are some tips to maximize the efficiency of your system:

Schedule Professional HVAC Maintenance

Regular maintenance keeps your system running in peak form throughout the year. Your heating and cooling unit consist of several parts that require professional service. Our knowledgeable and skilled technicians will clean your system and make the necessary tweaks to ensure it works efficiently. Make sure you schedule maintenance with us at least twice a year. We also provide HVAC repair, so we’ll fix any issues we spot on your equipment.

Clean Air Filters

Dirty air filters cause your unit to overwork leading to poor air quality in your home. And the continuous accumulation of dust may also result in other problems in your equipment, leading to frequent repairs. Therefore, ensure you call our technicians to clean the air filters in your system to avoid such issues. We also recommend changing air filters after three months to maintain peak performance and good indoor air quality.

HVAC maintenance

Thermostat Installation

Thanks to technology, maintaining the ideal temperatures in your house is much easier. By installing a smart thermostat, you can set a preferred schedule on your HVAC unit to keep every room in your building comfortable. You can still make adjustments while away from home, which helps save on your energy bill. Our team can help you upgrade to the smart thermostat and even guide you on how to use it during your scheduled HVAC installation in Jefferson, GA.

Whichever HVAC services you need, Clark’s Heating and Air have the right professionals for the job. All our technicians are qualified, highly skilled, and well trained, so you can count on us to keep your HVAC unit in good working condition. Call us to book a service today.

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