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How Does an HVAC System Work?

HVAC installation in Jefferson, GA

Whether you’re here because you’re considering a new HVAC installation in Jefferson, GA, or looking to keep your existing system working right, Clark’s Heating & Air is the company you can count on to meet your needs. Today, we’re going to go over some of the basics of a typical heating and cooling system as we explain how HVAC systems work.

What HVAC Systems Do

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems are responsible for your indoor comfort. HVAC is a term that refers to any equipment that’s used to cool or warm your home’s air. The ventilation part refers to how heated or cooled air moves through your inside spaces.

Key Parts and Components

A furnace is a common heating component of an HVAC system. A furnace works by forcing heated air through ducts. Furnaces are typically fueled by gas or electricity. Boilers can be used for heating as well. They produce heat with heated water or steam.

A central air conditioner is a popular choice for indoor cooling. It works by reducing humidity and using refrigerants to lower your indoor temperature. After the refrigerant is cooled, the condensing unit sends this liquid over the evaporator coil to turn it back into a gas.

The thermostat is another key HVAC part. It works by allowing you to adjust your home’s indoor temperature to match your comfort preferences. Smart thermostats go even further by allowing for very precise temperature adjustments.

HVAC Options and Services

An HVAC system can include both heating and cooling components in one interconnected system. With this setup, the same ductwork is used for your air conditioner and furnace. This type of system works year-round to keep your home comfortable. Other options include:

  • Heat pumps with heating and cooling capabilities
  • Zoned systems that allow various parts of your home to be cooled or heated differently
  • Duct-free systems that can work well in places where there’s no existing ductwork

Routine maintenance can definitely help HVAC systems work longer. Having your system checked regularly also allows HVAC repair work to be done before there are serious issues.

Clark’s Heating & Air is your top choice for HVAC maintenance, installation, and repair in Jefferson. GA, and nearby areas. Now that you know more about HVAC systems, give our experienced pros a call if your heating or cooling system needs some attention.

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