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HVAC Considerations When Finishing Your Basement

HVAC Considerations When Finishing Your Basement

Finishing your basement can be exciting as it is a good investment and a good addition to your home. It also raises the value of your house, and creates more storage space for your things. In that case, you will need to ensure that you install a good HVAC system. You need to ensure that you hire the right company for this work. Clark’s Heating and Air is one of the best companies that offer HVAC maintenance and services. Here are some of the HVAC considerations before you finish your basement.

Check the humidity levels

It is essential to ensure that you know about the humidity level in your basement. There is a specific humidity level that should be in your basement before you install the HVAC. The humidity should not be higher than 40 percent. If it’s higher than that, that means there is water in your basement, and you should take care of that first. Ensure you get the right company for your HVAC installation in Jefferson, GA to avoid doing it the wrong way.

Make a clear space for the HVAC components

Air handlers, boilers, and furnaces are some of the HVAC components you will place in your basement. You need to make sure that you create enough space for the HVAC components. They should not be placed in a squeezed place, and you should have a floor plan for them when finishing the basement. Ensure that in case you need HVAC repair, the maintenance personnel will be able move around.

Check your local codes and ordinances

You need to know that building codes and permits are needed when you are finishing your basement. That means that there is a specific HVAC system that is meant for the basement. In that case, ensure that your contractor follows all the permit requirements. The ordinance requires you to submit your layout plan for your basement, while the building codes need you to meet the health and ventilation requirement.

If you are planning to finish your basement, you can count on Clark’s Heating And Air’s experienced HVAC personnel. Contact us at any time for reliable HVAC services and more.

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