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Why Proper Heating Maintenance is Important

At Clark’s Heating and Air, we're experts when it comes to heating installation in Hoschton, GA, but our professional skills and know-how don't end there. We also provide inspection and maintenance services for all types of HVAC systems, and we offer the following facts on why proper maintenance is important:

System Reliability

When the weather outside turns cold, you definitely want your heater to be ready to go, and routine heating maintenance is one key to ensuring that happens. Our skilled team is standing by to provide annual or seasonal check-ups with the goal of keeping your system in top operating condition year-round.

Energy Savings

The HVAC system is one of the biggest energy users in any home. This means that a poorly maintained unit can lead to hundreds or even thousands of dollars of energy losses over the life of the system. Some of these unnecessary costs can be avoided by scheduling regular heating services.

HVAC Life Expectancy

As is the case with most household appliances, failing to tend to issues in a prompt manner may reduce the useful life of a heating system. This can necessitate the replacement of individual components or the entire system far sooner than if simple repairs had been carried out.

Hazard Prevention

In rare instances, a malfunctioning or damaged heater can cause a fire or pose other dangers to life and health. Timely system maintenance should only be handled by a trained, licensed HVAC professional with experience servicing units of all ages.

If your heating system is due for heating repair or if you're not sure when your unit was last inspected and serviced, contact Clark’s Heating and Air today to schedule an appointment. Our trained technicians will provide you with quality inspections and efficient repairs to ensure that your unit functions optimally for years.

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